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Many Christians Have A Lot Of Doubt and Fear

When Facing Difficult Times

At Growth Spurt: We Create Resources To Help You

Overcome Negative Thoughts...

so you can use your faith to face your challenges

What Are You Losing?

How much are negative emotions costing you every day? How many blessings are you missing? 

 You are the salt of the earth! How much impact is lost because God isn't fully working through you?

Christ came so you can live! How much life are you missing because fear and doubt stops you?

Not Anymore!

1. Never worry about if God is with you.

2. See God's plan clearly in your life.

3. Do the good works God has for you.

We Know What It Feels Like To Be:

Hopeless in challenging situations... Discouraged when you receive bad news... Worried about important decisions...

In those times our listeners say:

If you are really going through something, this will help you! It makes me feel like somebody gets me and I'm not alone.

Genise C.

I can listen to this everyday. It's a really positive message that encourages me during tough times.

Collin C.

I thank God that He blessed me to hear this. It is so relatable and right on time! I wish I had this sooner.

Celeste S.

How It Works.


Prepare Your Heart

Watch the "How To Listen With Your Heart" video. You will learn what to expect in your listening session and how to get the most out of your experience.


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Grow Your Faith

Show up at your scheduled time with an open heart to connect with God in the midst of your challenges.

We Get It

At Growth Spurt we know you are the kind of people who want to be rooted and grounded in faith.

In order to be that way, you need to gain control over your thoughts to ensure you are making decisions by faith.

The problem is we normally use faith when we are out of options, which makes you fearful and doubtful that God will deliver you from your trial.

Scripture says, "if you ask but doubt Him, don't expect to receive anything from the Lord." [James 1:6-7]

We understand how negative thoughts and emotions destroy your faith.

That’s why we create guided listening sessions that allow you to think the way God wants you to, so that you face your challenges with boldness and confidence. 


Here’s how it works:


1. Watch the "How To Listen With Your Heart" video.

2. Schedule Your Free Session.

3. Listen With Your Heart & Get More Connected With God.

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Stop the stress and worry over your problems, face your challenges, and show God's glory to the world!

How To Listen With Your Heart

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