Permission To Build

There's lots of construction happening around my home. Day in and Day out there are all kinds of dump tucks and bull dozers going up and down the streets. The construction industry was not crippled by COVID-19 because these people are at work everyday.

 When I go to the store, I can't help but notice how their work is done and I'm fascinated with the construction process. The very first work is to clear the land. They are building apartment buildings, brand new shopping centers, and homes. Before the concrete is poured and the foundation is set…. They are in there gutting the land and clearing it out. 

It's fascinating because the growth process is the growth process. Regardless of what you are building the same steps are required. When your ends don't meet and you want to change your life, you can't wave a magic wand and now you are in a different place.

You have to start where you are and build from there. Each person has to have a solid financial base to build on if they want to grow. If your ends are consistently not meeting and you are in the pay check to pay check cycle… you don't have a solid foundation under you.  

Now, before anyone can pour into your life and lay the needed foundation YOU have to "clear the land."

You have to clear all the trees, grass, and weeds out so the you can receive the knowledge and lessons needed to get control over your money to put you on solid ground. There are some beliefs you have and actions you take that put you in this cycle and keep you in this cycle. Getting all of this out of your life is the first work.

 Now... Here is the odd truth…

You Need Permission To Build Yourself. 

In construction, before the land can be cleared you have to get permits from the proper authorities. These authorities look over the builder's plan and grant approval for them to build according to the plan.

If you don't have a plan to grow your money, you can't give yourself the proper permission. Your plan tells you where to build. With no plan... you don't know where to start which results in you working on the wrong area of your life. When you build in the wrong area, you trespass, and end up hurting yourself more than helping yourself.

You need permission from yourself to work on yourself. You need clear understanding and approval for areas that need improvements. There are some stuff people just don't want to deal with. There are some relationships you need to let go, some places you need to stop going… and some things you need to start doing.

Most people are not willing to let people go, stop going places, and start doing what's needed to change their life. They don't give themselves permission to do it.

They start trying to build with a person that doesn't want to grow. People keep going places that's costing them their future, and they don't allow themselves to change and be different to get a better out come.

Growth and Change is a major construction project. You need a strong foundation to build on. To get that foundation there is some stuff that needs to be cleared out and laid bare. Do you give yourself permission to work on you? Are you willing to do what's required to get the better life you desire? Until you say yes.. You will keep doing what you are doing and living how you live no matter how much work you do.

 Tell yourself it's ok to be different, it's ok to learn something different, and it's perfectly fine to start living differently, simply because you want something different.

About the Author

Paul Conway is the co-founder of Growth Spurt. When he’s not serving his clients, he's spending quality time with his wife and son, playing games and having a good time. He loves hosting events and his home, grilling out with friends and family.