Be Before You Buy

Keep up on this one…. Like really pay attention… because some got the game all the way twisted.

The person who creates value is more valuable than the value they create. 

For some reason we focus on buying a valuable more than on being valuable. For some reason we think putting on something valuable is the same as putting out something valuable. For some reason we think the brand makes us, instead of understanding the brand was made because of us.

For instance… Nike made shoes because there were athletes. They didn't make a shoe… and people put on the shoe… and then became athletes.

Follow me.

A lot of times we try to do what other people do, but we really never do what they did.

Like, we will see something working for someone else, but it never really works out the same when we try to copy it.

Well that's because we didn't see the plan. We didn't see how it was thought about and worked on.... and thought about and worked on… time and time again.

That's because some got the game all the way twisted… us not understanding...

The person who creates value is more valuable than the value they create.

Like if I focused on putting out something people can't live without… then I don't need a logo, a chain, some cool shoes, fast whip, or big rims... I won't have doubt in myself. I'll know exactly what I bring to this world and how I help.

So MY WHOLE FOCUS... 100% of my energy, 100% of my effort, just needs to BE on becoming more valuable. I need to learn how to mean something to people. I need to learn how to position myself so I don't have an equal. I need to know that I'm watched... then make them come back to see the sequel.

It was once said the culture doesn't have a numbers problem, but a problem with organization. We know how to show up and show out, turn up and shut down. We just struggle with… how to make the rate that money leaves our hands slow down.

And if you can solve this problem, then you can solve more problems, create more value, and change this world.

Don't Just Buy Valuables… Be Valuable.

About the Author

Paul Conway is the co-founder of Growth Spurt. When he’s not serving his clients, he's spending quality time with his wife and son, playing games and having a good time. He loves hosting events at his home and grilling out with friends and family.